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How We Work

Our internet service works with radios placed strategically on towers located throughout the area. Because of the terrestrial nature of our equipment our service is unaffected by weather or cloud cover. We provide high speed, broadband quality internet rain or shine. The service works by placing a radio on an mounting arm on your roof. The radio resembles a satellite dish but is much smaller. If you have an existing satellite arm attached that is no longer being used, chances are we can use that.

The internet comes into your house on a special CAT5 cable that looks a little like a telephone line. Once it is inside we use one electrical outlet to connect a power over ethernet adaptor and then run a cable from the connector to either your home computer or a router. You may use the internet in your house on as many computers as you want, however you must supply your own router. The speed is the only thing we regulate so you never have to worry about download limits or penalties.


The first month you are our customer is $150 for the installation, equipment and your first month of service. You can either pay that in full the first month or pay it out over the first three months of service.

We have four packages

  • $30 per month for .5mbps
  • $40 per month for 1mbps download and upload
  • $50 per month for 2mbps download and upload
  • $60 per month for 4mbps download and upload
  • We have no contract, our service is month to month.

    No download limits or data caps, the only thing we regulate is speed.

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